The ultimate eggstravangant easter treat. 


Half a milk chocolate easter egg stuffed full with Vanilla or Chocolate Cheesecake (Varies per Flavour) and topped with indulgent popular flavour combinations.


Available in:

- Simply Vanilla (GF),

- Double Chocolate (GF),

- Mini Egg (Vanilla or Chocolate),

- Creme Egg (Chocolate),

- Lotus Biscoff Biscuit (Vanilla),

- Smartie (Chocolate),

- 'Terrys' Orange (Chocolate),

- Mint Choc (Chocolate),

- Crunchie (Chocolate),

- Lemon (GF) (Vanilla),

- Nutella Swirl (Chocolate or Vanilla),

- Chocolate Brownie (Chocolate),

- Peanut Butter Swirl (Vanilla),

- Kinder Bueno (Vanilla).


Each half egg is enough to serve 2 or one cheesecake aohlic!! 

Available for collection in store only.


We have given you double the dates to last year for a easter pick me up. because lets face it we all need a little extra cheesecake in our lives this year.


Available to preorder on:

11th - 13th Feb,

18th - 20 Feb,

25th - 27th Feb,

4 - 6th March,

11th - 13th March,

18th - 20th March,

25th - 27th March,

1st - 3rd April.


Spares will be available for delivery via Ubereats - But no flavour is guarenteed on set days.


Cheesester Cakes

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