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 Our brownies are freshly made by hand to order and available to post or collect instore. So they are just as gooey and Chocolatey as if you ate them straight from our oven. (Apart from not being warm sadly.) 


They come in 3 box sixes:

3 Box,

6 Box &

12 Box


But not just that they also come in fabulous flavours that you can pick between.

- Original Chocolate,

- Lotus Biscoff,

- Caramel Swirl,

- Mint Madness,

- 'Terrys' Orange 

- Nuts about Nutella.


We wanted to create a box that everyone will enjoy and what better way to do that than to let you personally add whichever flavour combination you desire.

Simply select which flavours you want in your box, and add it to the cart. 

Your imagination is the limit. 

More flavours added all the time, Including Seasonal, Limited editions etc

Brownie Box - 3

  • Unfortunately as this is a food product we do not accept returns, However if you are not completely happy with our product please get in touch within 24 hours of receiving your brownies and we will sort out a Replacement, Refund or Voucher for later use.  

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